Photography Chris Routledge

This is the photography website of Chris Routledge. My photographs have appeared on book covers, and in books and magazines. Commercial clients include National Geographic Books and Links Project Management. For some years now I have been working with poet Rebecca Goss on a series of poem and image pairings called Carousel. In July 2015 I exhibited at the Northern Exposure exhibition at the Portico Library and Gallery, Manchester. I am currently working on a project concentrating on a small section of the river Rothay, near Rydal in the English Lake District.

More generally, I am especially drawn to the challenge of capturing intangibles in an image, such as scale, or power, but also to looking deliberately at things that might otherwise go unnoticed. I have an ongoing interest in photographing landscapes that we tend to think of as natural or wild, but are in fact very humanised.

If you are interested in buying prints please get in touch using the contact form above. Prints available in small editions can only be ordered using the contact form as they will be signed and numbered before making their way to you.

My personal website, where I write about books, history and beer, among other things, is at